Computers are one of the various needed devices for human beings now. A computer executes complex human tasks very quickly. Now practically everyone has a computer, and many are thinking of purchasing a new computer. But many people are fooled because they do not have a good idea about computers. So today, has come up with the things you need to know before purchasing a laptop. ( Best Computer Buying Guide )

Decide Before Buying

Before ordering a computer, first think concerning what kind of computer you need, laptop or desktop. You choose which work you will do more on the computer. If you do a massive cause, then you have to buy genuine quality RAM and processor.
By difficult work, I mean graphic design, audio, video editing, and many more. And if you are a standard user or listen to music, run the net before buying a hard disk with a little better or more extra space.


You must budget according to demand. Below are some ideas on how to budget when buying a computer to keep in mind.
1 How far is the store from where you are purchasing from your home? If you buy a computer from the nearest store, if there is a problem with the computer, you can communicate quickly. In this illustration, you can get a suitable facility.

 Best Computer Buying Guide

2. What kind of client service does the shopkeeper give Jenin. In this case, the known storekeepers will be reasonably good.

  1. If you can’t attach the computer, you can purchase a processor, RAM hard disk motherboard, graphics card from one store. They will make these joints properly. ( Best Computer Buying Guide )

What kind of computer do you need?


The principal instrument of the computer. This is essentially what the computer does. This is what we command CPU. The most popular processor companies are both Intel {INTEL, but the most reliable intel {Intel} processor is the most famous.

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  1. You have to remark the clock speed of the processor. The more critical the clock activity, the longer the processing capability of the processor.
    Such as 2.5hz to 3.5hz. It essentially depends on the budget and demand.
  2. What is the list of processors, it must be noticed. The more genuine the series, the faster the processor series, Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Du. Dual-core. Among the core processors, the processors of Core i7, Core i5, Core i3, I series are perfect, but they are quite valuable processors.

What to look for before buying a computer processor:

Rosser is one of the principal hardware of computers. The processor does all the performance of the computer. This is essentially called the CPU (Central Processing Unit). The various common processor companies are Intel and AMD (Advanced Micro Device). These two organizations are good. But the most common and somewhat technically Intel is ahead. But now AMD and their APU (acceleration processing unit) processors have produced some good processors in the market at affordable prices. See prevailing market prices for computers and accessories. ( Best Computer Buying Guide )

Since the processor does all the work of the computer and whose role is the various necessary, special care must be taken when purchasing it.

  1. You have to regard the clock speed of the processor. The more vital the clock activity, the higher the processing capability of the processor. Not only the clock activity but also the cache memory of the processor. There are several types of cache memory. The most advanced technology cache memory is L3 Cache.
  2. Another essential thing to note is how many cores and how several threads there are in the processor—the larger the cores and lines, the faster the speed. Also, the number of FSB (Front Serial Bus) should be noticed. The higher the FSB, the more extraordinary speed. So the processor should be purchased to match the bus speed of the motherboard. Although more latest processors do not use FSB. QPI is used instead.
  3. What is the processor group, it is also a topic of note. Because as the series gets better, the processor quality will develop. Intel’s earliest processors introduce the Pentium Series. Following the order, Celeron series, Core Series, I Series. AMD’s processors are Sempron, Athlon, AMD Athlon X2, AMD Athlon II X2, AMD Phenom, AMD FX, AMD APU, etc. So it is continually better to buy a brand-new series processor. But you also require to make sure that the processor supports your motherboard.
  4. A different background of the processor is Hyper-Threading Technology. Because this technology has a particular role in multitasking, also, in Intel processors, Turbo Boost Technology should be noted. This technology improves the capacity of the processor during individual needs.
  5. Make sure the processor has a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). If required, check the processor specifications of the selected model online. External Graphics Card is not necessary if the processor has a GPU and uses a great motherboard. AMD’s APU (acceleration processing unit) processor has a separate Graphics Processing Unit. With which particular meaning video, games, and other graphical work can be done.
  6. It is good to understand what kind of customer service the processor offers to the clients of the shop from which you are purchasing. In that case, you can take the help of acquaintances. Open hardware is frequently available in the market. These should never be bought. The aforementioned salient features should be considered before purchasing a processor. ( Best Computer Buying Guide )

This board includes all the components of the computer, so it is called the motherboard. The motherboard is essential for the computer. Motherboard The latest is the motherboard with USB 3.0. Motherboards with USB 3.0 ports will cost a bit more.
Keep an eye on which to purchase the motherboard.


The motherboard has described the backbone of any personal computer because all the computer components are joined to each other through the motherboard. That is why the motherboard is sometimes described mainboard or system board. The motherboard supplies energy to other devices on the computer and is connected to additional hardware such as microprocessors, main memory, audio and video controllers, various plug-ins, etc.

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Computer input, output components such as keyboards, mouse and motherboard, are connected. While Asus is the largest and most popular motherboard manufacturer in the current market, other motherboard manufacturers such as Gigabyte and Intel are rapidly gaining popularity.
There are some things to keep in mind when buying a motherboard. To choose the best motherboard for a computer-based on what processor you are using, how much memory you have, what components are connected, and what features it supports. ( Best Computer Buying Guide )

The specific type of processor:

Regularly, the motherboard has a certain kind of processor socket. This socket determines the original package of the AMD or Intel processor that can be installed on it. The motherboard’s chipset determines which type of the processor to use with the motherboard. So before ordering the motherboard, it is essential to decide which processor you want to use on the computer.

Motherboard size :

The motherboard is generally fitted in a casing. That’s why the motherboard manufacturer has to create a board of a specific size. Otherwise, it is not possible to set them inside the casing. For this reason, the size or form factor of the PCB board (Printed circuit board) is called the size or form factor of the motherboard. Motherboards are generally of three sizes, ATX, Micro ATX, and MITX.
The physical size of the motherboard depends on how several ports and slots it has. Such an ATX board has a total of five PCI Express or PCI slots. And a micro ATX board will regularly have three slots. The smallest motherboard Mini-ITX (mITX) has a slot. If we discuss memory slots, then ATX has four slots, Micro ATX has 2 or 4 slots, and Mini ITX has two slots. The SATA port ATX has 6, Micro ATX has 4 or 6, and Mini ATX has 2 or 4. ( Best Computer Buying Guide )

Memory :

The chipset plays an essential role in determining which processor to use with the motherboard. The chipset also decides the type and speed of memory to be installed. The total quantity of memory that can be installed is determined based on the size of the motherboard and the number of memory slots. You need to determine how much memory you want to install on your computer before purchasing a motherboard, although the memory can be expanded later. ( Best Computer Buying Guide )

Expansion slots and connectors :

Expansion slots and connectors are mighty for what components to connect to a computer. If you require to add some features like USB 3.0, eSATA, Thunderbolt, HDMI, or PCI Express to your computer, A separate connector or slot is needed. Before ordering a motherboard, you have to make convinced that the motherboard supports this type of connection. Some connector slots can be fitted to provide several connections, but these will not work exceptionally well. It works great if the chipsets are integrated with the motherboard.

Feature :

Separate points are added to the motherboard that is not essential for computer operation but is useful for various purposes, such as on-board Wi-Fi, audio, and RAID controllers. If a particular feature is attached to the motherboard, it will not be a problem even if a function is set off from the Basic Input Output System (BIOS) of the motherboard. As a consequence, no additional expansion cards want to be added.

Overclocking :

Every computer has a chip called clock speed, which defines the speed of the computer’s data processing. And the similarly is called over-cloaking. If you require to overclock the processor, first, you have to understand if the motherboard supports. For example, a chipset requirement adjusts the CPU and voltage together, which the greatest chipsets cannot. Motherboards that have excellent power management are more durable.


Profitable brands for monitors are Dell, Samsung, LG, Philips, HP, etc. When purchasing a monitor, keep in mind the following information: It is more satisfying to buy an LCD monitor, but keep in mind: If the monitor is wide, the song is good for movies.
Square monitors are great for work. Note that the monitor has a Zen TV. It works as a computer monitor and TV 2 in one. If you do not have a TV card, you can purchase a separate TV card.

When it comes to purchasing a new computer, as much as we work with CPUs, in most cases, nothing happens with monitors. There are several things to consider when purchasing a monitor with a CPU because the performance of your system depends a lot on that monitor.

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The monitor plays an essential function in the implementation of the purpose for which you purchase the computer. So before choosing a monitor, it is necessary to see if it can meet your requirements.

What is a monitor?

A monitor is an amount device of a computer that displays information in pictorial form. It is a prominent display of a computer with a screen, a circuit operation, and a power supply. And all this is wrapped up in a case.
Older monitors were composed of CRT or cathode ray tubes, basically called cold cathode fluorescent lamps or CCFLs. The size of the monitor at that time would have been much larger and heavier. Devices such as laptops and desktop computers now use flat-screen LCDs, which are TFT-LCDs or thin-film transistor liquid crystal displays. As a result, today’s monitors are lighter in weight and look more genuine. ( Best Computer Buying Guide )

The components and peripherals that are attached to the monitor processor or CPU are-
Video Graphics Array (VGA)
Display port
Digital Visual Interface (DVI)
High Definition Multiple Interface (HDMI)
Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) and
Some more connectors and signals

The inventor of the monitor and the first monitor In 1896, German scientist and Nobel laureate physicist Karl Ferdinand Braun discovered the first cathode ray tube. And the world’s primary monitor was developed from that cathode ray tube, and later modern monitors evolved through many changes and refinements.

Things to consider before buying a monitor:

In Wikipedia, a monitor is a device that allows your PC to display results to you. If you do not choose the right monitor, you will not get the best results. Many may wonder how this is possible. The monitor will display the number of all CPUs. So how are various products possible?

Suppose you are a graphics designer. Now think about it, what would happen if you picked the wrong monitor?

Usually, when designing graphics, you will see one on the monitor, but the print output will be different. And not just graphic design, if you buy the base monitor for any work on the PC, you will have to allow some of the other problems.
So let’s get out externally delay what to have in mind when purchasing a director.

Connection type:

This is one of the common essential things you can do before you buy a monitor. Cause sure the monitor you are touching to get is suitable with your CPU’s graphics link port. If that is not the case, it isn’t easy to connect the monitor to the CPU.
So initial notice what sort of port is used on your computer. In extension to the VGA ports, we usually see the digital visual interface (DVI), and colossal definition multimedia interface (HDMI) port monitors available in the market. Take the right monitor for your computer from these.


Similarly, if you need to purchase a separate graphics card, you can find out what kind of monitors work correctly with the online graphics card buying guide.


During purchasing a monitor, size may be one of the items we think concerning. Of course, it is a topic of consideration. Many people prefer big size monitors. But in my mind, it should depend on the idea of what you want to do with your computer settings. For example, large monitors are no difficulty useful in graphics-related work. ( Best Computer Buying Guide )

Before ordering a monitor, a regular buyer is seen to fall into two kinds of positions. The first is that he chooses to advance how many inches monitors he will buy and budgets accordingly. And the other is to buy a monitor by setting the budget to purchase his PC. Larger monitors cost more extra. But, it has some unique features from small monitors.

Aspect ratio:

The configuration of your monitor depends on the aspect ratio. It is expressed by combining the width and height of the screen panel. Most of the monitor’s built-in earlier times had a 4: 3 ratio. But presently, the most 18: 9 ratio monitors are recognized in the business.
Monitors of this ratio are great for creating graphics, gaming, or video content. The most significant advantage of this is that it is possible to do such tasks on a complete screen in this ratio. Also, widescreen monitors the equivalent 21: 9 are possible in the market. But for this, you requirement count the extra money.


Various people confuse this with size. Stay in thought that the size and resolution of the monitor is a separate thing. The picture also seems very sharp on a monitor, including excellent resolution. Modern display devices generate images using pixels. And the total number of pixels a monitor can display is determined by its resolution. ( Best Computer Buying Guide )

Color display:

There is nothing to worry about. This is because virtually all the monitors available in the market now can display 16.6 million (24 bit) colors. Though your funds are deep, you must read the terms of the device well before purchasing. Admittedly, getting a suitable position monitor is a small expensive. Getting a very natural quality monitor on low funds can be a daunting task. For this, you can quickly find a quality model in your budget if you go through various internet and technology-based magazines from time to time. ( Best Computer Buying Guide )

Buying a computer has never been easier. If you want to make a computer of the right configuration for yourself, you have to do research over time.


However, it is possible to understand many devices through sales representatives in computer shops or through various product guides online. But most people do not have the inclination to research the monitor before buying it. Still, if you want the practice of using your purchased computer to be comfortable, you need to think differently concerning the CPU as well as the monitor.


Helps to boost ram and computer speed. Being a good brand for RAM: Transcend Twinmas. Remember when purchasing RAM:

  1. If the number of RAM increases, the speed of the computer will improve. That means 2 GB of RAM will be faster than 1 GB of RAM.
  2. If the bus regularity of RAM is high, the quantity of RAM will increase.
 Best Computer Buying Guide

The difference between RAM and the standard storage medium is that RAM does not store data. The moment the power is divided from the RAM, all the data in the RAM is erased. Putting such data on the hard drive stays until you delete it but in an accident, simply the opposite in the case of RAM. This is why the transfer speed of RAM is much more important. But it doesn’t depend on the capacity of RAM’s memory. RAM’s bus speed and voltage is a significant factor here. DDR3 RAM will provide better performance than DDR2 RAM of the same bus speed. Again, RAM with more bus activity of the same voltage will give more performance because the bus speed is more powerful. There is a matter of optimization here. We can take optimization as finishing. ( Best Computer Buying Guide )

Heat :

Heat is a problem for computer devices. Excessive heating will decrease performance, and exceeding the danger level can lead to physical damage. In the case of RAM, too, the hit is a critical factor for this cause. For this reason, extra heat sinks are attached to retain RAM performance. In many cases, the voltage is decreased to prevent it from getting hit. This type of optimization does not survive in all radios. Very cheap RAMs are issued in the market without being optimized to reduce the price, resulting in reduced performance.

Type :

The type of RAM is generally referred to as the DDR type. There is nothing much to discuss if your computer was purchased after 2006, and if you did not buy hardware at the time of purchase, then your computer’s RAM type DDR 3. If earlier DDR2. However, Intel’s new Skylake processor supports DDR4. But, DDR4 has not yet reached the general public. Only those who use 6th generation processors will receive the benefit of DDR4. However, before purchasing ram, you must check once what brand of RAM your motherboard supports. DDR3 is still the market standard. ( Best Computer Buying Guide )

Bus speed :

Bus speed is essential. If you have more than one RAM, such as two RAMs of 4 GB, then it is necessary to match the bus speed of the two. For this purpose, before purchasing a RAM, check the bus speed of your previous RAM. Because of the bus speed of the new RAM is higher, then there will be no profit because your computer will also run the new RAM at the bus speed of the previous RAM. And in that case, the operation may crash.

Company or provider :

If the RAM of a similar speed, voltage, and bus speed are two different RAMs, it does not involve. However, optimization is done by various companies. So the most useful to buy randomly from the same company.

Multiple RAM :

Many people want to purchase an 8 GB RAM; several people suggest buying two 4 GB RAM. It is worth mentioning here that the difference between these two situations is minimal. In the case of dual-channel, it is more satisfying to take two 4 GB of RAM, but if you improve the RAM in the future, you will have problems because of the lack of RAM slots. ( Best Computer Buying Guide )


Exactly how much RAM you need depends on what you do. If you are a gamer, having more RAM will be your advantage. Games are now quite heavy, so having more RAM means a lot more data can be taken together in RAM. As a result, the hassle of getting data from the hard drive, again and again, is reduced. However, the graphics card is essential here.
If you are doing video or sound editing, you also require to have more RAM. However, the graphics card is essential here.
If you are a regular user, that is, browsing, writing, watching movies, then you do not require too much RAM. 4 GB is a standard in this case. However, you can use 8 gigabytes; it will get a little benefit in browsing. Now browsers consume a lot of RAM.

However, in the case of RAM, you can use 4 GB as a starter pack. Then continue to see if your RAM is running out. If the tax manager sees that the whole RAM is not being spent, then there is no necessity to take a new RAM. Only if the RAM is completely consumed, you will only get the benefit of the new RAM. Otherwise, there will be no profit with the new RAM.

The essential thing to keep in mind before concluding is that even though the cost is a bit high, the brand influences taking RAM. Brand RAM optimization is much more useful than regular RAM. So if you have the possibility to spend, then it is more satisfying to take RAM from profitable brands like Corsair, G.Skill, Crucial / Micron, Kingston, Samsung. ( Best Computer Buying Guide )

Hard Disk

Computer information is saved in it. Excellent brands of hard disks are Samsung, Transcend Western Digital, and so on. Here are amazing things to keep in mind when buying a hard disk:


In general, the greater the storage capacity of the hard disk, the more data can be stored. There are 3 GB hard disks accessible in the market starting from 160 GB.

The higher the RPM of the hard disk, the faster the file transfer will work.

 Best Computer Buying Guide

Here are some important things to know before buying a hard disk :

External or portable hard disk (Hard Disk) is required to use, even when the PC’s hard disk is complete, some of the essential data needs to be backed up separately. There was a time when users could find a solution with 4 GB or 6 GB storage. But maintaining pace with the change in time and type of work, external hard disk is now considered as a part of the unique requirements of the customers.

What is an external hard disk?

The external hard disk is simply like a standard hard drive, which the customer can use as a portable hard drive sitting everywhere. There are two principal types of external hard drives popular in the computing sector – HDD and SSD, also known as solid-state drives. The variations are that the portable hard drive can be supplied with the imperative power with a data cable, so there is no problem with other power supplies individually. However, you can also use it as an internal hard drive through the enclosure. USB 2.0 or 3.0 or Type C connector cable is now available for external hard drives, and you can still enjoy the advantages of SATA and FireWire or wireless cable.

Why use an external hard disk?

In our daily lives, we collect various data, files, and pictures on our particular computers at work or outside of work. You certainly don’t want to admit that you missed that data by crashing your PC or hard disk. So the use of an external hard drive can be one of the causes for your relief in case of emergency data backup. A portable hard drive can play a reliable role for you in carrying or storing movies, music, or any big data. And for laptop users, using an external hard drive is an incredibly more comfortable matter. The most important advantage, in this case, is that it will be possible to obtain a device and drive connected to any local network by combining a network storage device with an external hard drive.

Things to do before buying a portable hard disk.

Data speed :

An excellent quality hard disk is just as essential to get a good experience in data storage; the data speed of the external hard drive is additionally one of the main issues. You can use a SATA cable or USB 3.0 and C-type cable to ensure a bit of activity. But the speed of data transfer also largely depends on the hard drive. RPM, in particular, plays a special purpose in this. Remark that the higher the RPM, the higher the data speed.

Network system :

Network Attached Storage (NAS) or RAID may be the most obvious solution for you if you want to store more data simultaneously on a wireless network arrangement. The advantage of the RAID system is that it is reasonable to use multiple drives simultaneously.

Size :

The size of the hard drive depends on your information backup needs. You will get hard disk drives of various sizes from 250 GB to 1 terabyte online. In the case of large data storage, a little more season can give you extra benefits.

Type :

Both HD and SSD hard disks are ready to meet your storage needs quite well. But you can bet on solid-state drives to get the most high-speed access to large files and data. You can hold an eye on SSDs to get a taste of enormous capacity and ultra-fast speed external hard drives at low prices.


In appreciation of the local marketplaces of the country, external hard drives of other famous brands, including Adata, Transcend, Samsung, Toshiba, and Appasa, are now available in online shops.

Things you can check before buying :

Data security measures.
Take care of whether it is waterproof.
Guarantee or warranty duration.
Necessary power supply cable and all at the end.
Check if the drive is compatible with the PC’s USB port.
Back up all valuable knowledge and data of your office and home through the external hard drive.

CPU Casing

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The casing is the box for determining the CPU. Brands are not so essential for the casing. Notice the following:

The price of the casing is fairly cheap. If the wattage of the power equipment unit is more, the price of the casing is a little more expensive. You can buy any power supply.
CD / DVD player
Excellent brands for CD / DVD player/writer are Samsung, Asus.
In the case of a CD DVD player, it is sufficient to buy a combo or DVD writer.


UPS is a beneficial thing for those who usually work on Desktop PC for a long time. As valuable as it may be, many of us may not realize that this UPS is at the root of many of our sufferings with PC. There are several UPS currently available in our country. In extension, they offer many profits. However, all the standard Chinese UPS available in the market are very risky for computers in many cases. We know that UPS is usually made to store the backup in case of a power outage, but China company attaches some extra extras with backup, which do no good to the computer but do more evil. For example, many UPS currently have stabilizing facilities. It is very risky in some cases. The city house usually has 220 volts continuously. Now, if this standard UPS is used in this house, then due to maintaining the voltage becomes more 220 + (+ – 20) = 240 volts in some cases even longer. Now study about what would happen if this voltage went into the computer. This is one of the primary purposes of why the PC’s motherboard is full. Many people may be wondering why this difficulty does not occur when using stabilizers (those who use). Because in the stabilizer volt
Stabilizing through eight to ten Realy (magnetic switches) so that the stabilizer can stabilize the voltage in a significantly better and more accurate way, and UPS through one to two Realy which does not have the right stable voltage.

 Best Computer Buying Guide

So, of course, even if the money is a few more, you must buy UPS of a reliable brand. And it is most satisfying to refrain from using UPS. Because this UPS is at the root of how standard computers are lost.

However, I am providing some tips to those who use UPS to keep UPS more suitable for more days:

  • Never switch off the main power of the UPS.
  • Do not switch off the UPS even if the power goes off.
  • Everyone month, the UPS will completely discharge and fully charge.
  • In the case of a CRT monitor, never switch off the monitor when the power goes off after putting the load on the battery.
  • Never provide any load over the allowable load in UPAS.
  • Occasionally wash the battery connectors of the middle UPS (if possible).
    The different thing is that most of the batteries in UPS are usually damaged, so those who have a disabled, try to establish a new battery today. UPS is giving the same service as before.
    And for those who have a conventional battery but not good UPS.

Pen Drive

The pen drive is now one of the most primary devices. Pen drives are the most dependable and lightest means of exchanging data. The memory size of the pen drive should be modified based on what kind of work the user will do. If your work is done with a lot of data, then there are 32 to 512 GB pen drives in the store for you. Data transfer speed is one of the various important issues.

 Best Computer Buying Guide

USB 3.0 generation pen drives are now accessible everywhere in the market. It costs a few more and can transfer data from a minimum of 30 MB to a maximum of 4.8 GB per second. But only on laptops or desktops that support USB, 3.0 generation pen drives will provide data transfer speeds. Otherwise, it will work like the regular version of the market, i.e., USB 2.0 version. Before buying, make sure that the operating system that the user works on will support that version of the pen drive. Usually, all pen drives support Windows XP to Windows 10 versions of all Windows operating systems. But, if you are a Linux or iOS user, then make sure you buy first. Several people are looking for branded pen drives. Transcend, A-Data, Aperture, HP brand pen drives are the most common in the market.

In most cases, cheap quality Chinese pen drives do not collect data correctly, and data transfer is prolonged. In this case, you can pick your pen drive from the brand of your choice by looking at the warranty. ( Best Computer Buying Guide )

In the market, you will generally find an 8 GB pen drive between 10$ – 15$. The cost of a 16 GB pen drive will be between 15$ – 20$. Those who are watching for a pen drive capable of holding a little more data will get a 32 GB pen drive for 20$ rupees. One point to keep in consciousness is that no matter how expensive or well-branded a pen drive is, the data transfer speed of all the pen drives slows down after a certain period of use. In that situation, it is better to purchase another pen drive to get better speed.