Those who want to install Linux first have two questions first………… (best linux distro for beginners)

Which Linux distribution should I install?

How do I do that?

If you search on Google, you will find numerous distributions of Linux. Seeing so many people become quite confused as to which one needs to be installed. So don’t get confused anymore. Read the tune. Here are some of the Linux distributions I will discuss in this tune.

  • Ubuntu
  • Ubuntu Mate
  • Xubuntu
  • Lubuntu
  • Linux Mint
  • Elemntary OS
  • Zorin OS

I hope you don’t have any more confusion when you read the tune at the end. I have given the download link below.

Let’s get started-


If anyone who is installing Linux for the first time asks someone who is already using Linux what needs to be installed, the answer will most likely be Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is a Linux distribution based on Debian and is the most widely used in the world. But I would say don’t install Ubuntu. There are many reasons for this. The reasons are –

Ubuntu does not have many features that new users want. For example, in Ubuntu, if you want to keep a software shortcut on the desktop, you have to go through several commands that you do not want at all.

Ubuntu’s default desktop environment (Unity) is quite heavy, which in many cases, your computer will fail to perform as expected.
The user interface is a bit complicated. Finding new user’s software can be a bit of a hassle. Ubuntu’s search feature is also a bit slow.

While using some software on Ubuntu like MonoDevelop, Clementine, I encountered screen resolution issues.

Finding Ubuntu themes and other visual elements is a bit of a problem.
Ubuntu’s default software set is not very rich. You will need to install a lot of software yourself later.

There are also some issues with Ubuntu that come out with use. If you still want to use the Ubuntu Family operating system, I can give you three options –

Download Link –

Ubuntu –

Ubuntu Mate –

The difference between Ubuntu Mate and Ubuntu is not much. Mate is used as a desktop environment in Ubuntu Mate. Ubuntu has been used as the base of Ubuntu Mate.

The benefits of Ubuntu Mate are –

  • The Mate interface has a lot in common with the Windows interface to seem unknown to new users.
  • Mate user interface uses considerably lighter and much less RAM than Unity. The system also runs quite quickly.
  • Software is divided into categories in the Mate interface, so there is no problem to find.
  • There are several themes obtainable on the Internet for Mate.
  • Ubuntu Mate has several proprietary drivers previously installed, which makes it very good for installing on laptops.
  • But yes, I have faced the problem of Ubuntu resolution here too.

Download Link –

Ubuntu Mate –

Xubuntu –

This is the usual preferred Linux distribution. I have been working on it for the last 4 years. This Linux distribution, based on Ubuntu, uses Xfce instead of Unity as the default environment.

The benefits of Xubuntu are –

  • The Windows interface has a lot in common with the Xfce interface, like Mate to seem unfamiliar to different users.
  • The Xfce user interface is much easier than Unity and uses much less RAM. The system also runs quite speedy.
  • In this interface, the software is also divided into categories, so there is no difficulty finding.
  • Ubuntu doesn’t have resolution problems.
  • Xubuntu has several software installed that will make your Linux user experience more comfortable.
  • Xfce has many wonderful themes, icon packs, widgets available on the internet.

Xubuntu is truly an operating system that is quite lovely and light at the same time. So far, the only problem I have suffered from this operating system. If so, it’s the default video player. It’s not a big deal. The problem is resolved once you have VLC installed.

Download Link –

Xubuntu –

Lubuntu –

If you have an ancient computer or a netbook with a very low Intel Atom processor, Lubuntu is usually convenient. Lubuntu is a Linux administration based on Ubuntu and is the lightest version of the Ubuntu family.

LXDE is used as an atmosphere in Lubuntu. This is the lightest environment in the world of Linux. The benefits of Lubuntu are –

  • Lubuntu uses minimal RAM, even more, limited than 100 megabytes of RAM usage. So computers are extremely faster.
  • The interface will seem common to those who use Windows XP.
  • The software installed by default is quite helpful and useful.
  • On Lubuntu, I also faced the problem of Ubuntu resolution. Also, Lubuntu is not very nice to look at as it is much lighter. In my estimation, installing Xubuntu is better than installing Lubuntu. But Lubuntu is not wicked either.
  • Well, I’ve been talking approximately the Ubuntu family for so long. If you want to use a combination outside the Ubuntu family, I have three more extra options for you.

Download Link –

Lubuntu –

Linux Mint –

If you search for Linux Mint on Google, you may get one thing. That is……..

Yes, Linux Mint is a love-like administration. The foundation of Linux Mint is not Ubuntu, but Ubuntu’s repositories are also used in Linux Mint as software repositories. This proposes that all the software available on Ubuntu is also available on Linux Mint. Linux Mint is a particular version of Linux Mint called Debian Edition (LMDE), which uses Debian’s repository instead of Ubuntu as a software repository. The advantages of Linux Mint are –

  • Linux Mint’s Update Manager is excellent from Ubuntu. Even if Linux Mint uses Ubuntu’s repository as an audit repository, Linux Mint’s Update Manager only installs the tested updates and ensures maximum stability.
  • Linux Mint is available in four separate environments. Cinnamon, Mate, Xfce, and KDE. If LMDE is only available in two environments. Cinnamon and Mate. I’ll tell you later which one should come down.
  • Ubuntu resolution is not a difficulty here.
  • There are several themes and icon packs open on the internet.
  • It has its own forum where applications to almost all problems can be found.

All versions of the Linux Mint look almost the same, but the experience becomes a bit according to the environment. Now we discuss which environment we should bring down. (Best Linux distro for beginners)

Download Link –

Linux Mint –

Linux Mint Debian Edition –

Cinnamon –

The developers of Mint created this environment. This environment is much nicer than the others. It is also heavier than the others. Cinnamon Environment supports graphics acceleration. It is better not to install Cinnamon without a powerful computer. (Best Linux distro for beginners)

Mate –

The developers of TO Mint created this environment. Mate Environment is a lot lighter than Cinnamon and also quite beautiful to look at. Several themes for this environment are available on the Internet.

Xfce –

While discussing Xubuntu, I talked a lot about Xfce. Personally, I like it the most. It is both light and elegant. It is suitable for all users.


KDE Environment I never really liked one, so I don’t want to write much about it. It is good for advanced users but becomes much more complicated for beginners.

Elementary OS –

Elementary OS is the most beautiful Linux distribution selected in 2014………………..

Ubuntu’s repository has additionally been used as a repository in this distribution. The main goal of this distribution was to give Linux users an experience comparable to Apple’s Mac. The interface of Elementary OS is more attractive than other Linux distributions. Pantheon has been used here as an environment. This wonderful environment is usually a bit heavy. My idea is that a medium-powered computer will run without any problems. If you want to test something a little unconventional, you can install Elementary OS. (Best Linux distro for beginners)

Download Link –

Elementary OS –

Zorin OS –

For those looking for a Linux distribution that is similar to Windows, Zorin OS………………

This distribution has been made to look like Windows as much as potential. There is a lot of software installed in a built-in way, which is enough for regular use. You can additionally run Windows software in this distribution. However, this distribution is a bit difficult.

Let me give you a review of the complete tune. If your computer is full, you can install Ubuntu or Linux Mint Cinnamon or Elementary OS, or Zorin OS. The interface of these three distributions is quite lovely. However, these resources are a bit troublesome.

Download Link –

Zorin OS –

My idea is that Ubuntu Mate and Linux Mint Mate will work great on medium power computers. Ubuntu Mate is quite suitable for laptops. (Best Linux distro for beginners)

Linux Mint, Xfce, and Lubuntu will be much more useful for weak computers.

But if you are looking for a beautiful, light, fast distribution, distribution, and will run on all computers, I would suggest installing Xubuntu. I hope you will enjoy using Xubuntu.

Another thing. I have said in some distributions that I have faced some problems. That doesn’t mean you have to. These problems may not resemble your computer.

On the download page of Ubuntu, Ubuntu Mate, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, you will see that there will be one most advanced version and another will be the LTS version. If you do not want to encounter bugs, download the LTS version.

There are 4 versions of Zorin OS possible on the download page, and you will download the Core version.