If you require to buy a smartphone, you must confuse yourself with the massive array of smartphones in the market. Every smartphone is combining new things that make it hard to decide which one to buy. By 2020, the smartphone is no longer a luxury or a luxury item, but it has become an indispensable tool for your digital life. For many, buying a new smartphone or replacing it every two days has become a hobby. But not everyone is equal. Most maximum users think about budget, features, durability, and other matters before buying a new smartphone. A smartphone is built up of many parts. You can verify not all services or components. But not without looking at the issues given in this post when purchasing a new smartphone. Here are amazing things to keep in mind when purchasing a good smartphone. ( Best Mobile Buying Guide online 2021 )

Prices and budget

The first point to keep in mind is your budget for the mobile. The best deal for you is how much currency you want to spend to buy a smartphone and which smartphone gets the most features at that value. Because if your resources low, you may not get all the most advanced technology or all the elements in a smartphone, and that is common. In that case, it is wise to take a few more efforts and decide which model of the company gives the most useful thing in your budget. ( Best Mobile Buying Guide online 2021 )

However, if you do not have a funds limit, you should take the newest flagship model of a good company. In that matter, your choice is straightforward, and you are also getting the latest technology. And since the flagships are at the heart of everyone’s attention, you will also get generous support.

Operating system – Best Mobile Buying Guide online 2021

In the case of smartphones, choosing the operating method is very important. Because all the software relevant experiences of your mobile will depend on this operating mode. Currently, judging by the number of users, the number of smartphones working android OS is the highest. This operating system created by Google is very flexible and free, so all the big and little companies use this OS. All modern features. It has essentially mobile app developers create their apps for Android. Apple’s iOS is also top-rated and feature-rich. Its app store is also prosperous. However, Apple’s devices are relatively costly, so all kinds of people do not get the opportunity to use them. There are also various more mobile operating systems. For example, Microsoft’s Windows (extinct), Sailfish OS, Firefox OS (extinct), etc. However, due to the lack of essential developer engagement, it is reasonable not to purchase mobiles with any operating system other than Android and iOS.

Best Mobile Buying Guide online 2021

Smartphone processor

System-on-chip or CPU in simplistic conventional terms. This is the genius of the smartphone. In the meantime, your smartphone’s processor, graphics processor, cache, and multiple wireless modules are integrated. Chipsets are called processors by several. So you realize the importance of it. The processor prepares the data on your smartphone. And today’s smartphones are not defined as just calling or browsing. So you require a powerful processor to process smartphone data quickly. You don’t need to wait for an app to open by tapping on its icon! The excellent and wicked of a processor depends on the clock speed of the processor, its number of cores, and a few more extra things. Different companies build chipsets for smartphones, such as Intel, Qualcomm, Samsung, Huawei, Apple, MediaTek, etc.

While MediaTek is advanced in terms of mobile users, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon series chipset is the most famous in terms of performance. Snapdragon’s battery backup is also relatively stable. Besides, Samsung’s Exynos, Huawei’s Kirin are also competing strongly. And Apple uses its own highest processor in their mobile. So if you do general multitasking or gaming on your mobile, you must purchase a mobile with a good chipset. You will also see which model has the GPU – graphics processing unit. ( Best Mobile Buying Guide online 2021 )


As I said before, there are two kinds of memory in phones, PCs, or related electronic devices. One is ROM, and the opposite is RAM. RAM is a temporary memory that permits the processor to store data temporarily. So the amount of RAM usually is much less than ROM or storage. The more extra ram you have, the more likely your mobile will run efficiently. You can keep multiple apps running in the background as well.

Typically, low-end smartphones also have 1 GB of RAM. However, it is more satisfying not to purchase a smartphone with 1 GB RAM. Midrange phones produce 2 to 4 GB, and some flagship phones have 6-8 GB of RAM. However, before buying a mobile with more RAM at a higher price, it is also essential to consider whether you require that much RAM or whether your processor will be capable of making proper use of this RAM. At present, if you purchase a mid-priced Android smartphone, it is better not to buy below 2 GB of RAM. If you are buying a flagship mobile, you should not believe much about RAM.

Storage or Rom

On the other hand, regarding the ROM or storage, you have to think, here will be your operating method and apps, and the rest of it will be used as your internal storage so that you can keep apps, pictures, videos, files, etc. You can take it as per your demand. However, it is more satisfying not to take a mobile with less than 16 GB accommodation, and now you get 256 GB or more extended storage in flagships. If you purchase a mobile with a microSD or memory card slot, you no comprehensive have to worry about storage.


All communications in smartphones are fundamental to its screen. So it is essential. The screen of a smartphone nowadays is considered to be ‘normal’ from five to six and a half inches. If you require to use the mobile with one hand, it is enough not to go above five and a half inches. Content looks clearer and brighter on more powerful resolution displays. So it is enough to take a display with at least HD resolution.

Many people are willing to review before buying an Android phone, but they are not very useful (I may be wrong). Many people go to Techtunes to see the User Analysis of the phone. So for their convenience, I tried to highlight some information which you will do before you go to purchase a mobile. ( Best Mobile Buying Guide online 2021 )

Decide on progression, which model of mobile to purchase you save a lot of money, and you think you will purchase an Android mobile. But due to lack of proper directions, the shopkeeper handed you a remarkably fake set, and when you came home, you saw that it was not androids. Who will leave the mobile now? Or grab the shopkeeper’s neckband? Or tear your hair for your ignorance?

Best Mobile Buying Guide online 2021

Remember, just as all students are similar to one teacher, all phones are identical to one shopkeeper. A phone relationship with the shopkeeper only lasts until it is handed over to the customer. A shopkeeper will tell you a lot concerning selling his phone. You will not detect it in any other store like this. Market challenge. If I get this, I will provide the set for free.” His words would perform it seem as if they would no extended have to look for planets with a telescope if they hit the sky with this flashlight. The shopkeeper will say a lot regarding selling your own set. But you have to work through these points. For this, you require to get the advice of an experienced person. If you do not have such a method, you can encourage different websites. This will let you understand the various features, including the price of your phone. See below to understand other mobiles.

Besides, various types of phone advertisements are often given in different newspapers. You can also determine a specific phone from there. You will also obtain our phones by visiting other stores.

Adjust your Budget in Advance

This is a common serious discussion. Decide in progress what your budget will be when ordering a phone. In this way, you can buy your favorite mobile phone, and you can say later getting purchased it. It won’t be like, “Yes! And if I had 120$, I could have got that.” Several mobiles have different prices. E.g.,

  1. To purchase a Samsung mobile on an Android phone, you must have a budget of Rs 1500$. (Yes, it has a lower price, but I will not cheat you with a cheap set).
  2. To purchase a Sony Xperia mobiles, you require to have a budget of 500$.
  3. If you want to purchase domestic products, you have to have a budget of 300$.
  4. If you want to purchase a Windows mobile, you have to use Nokia Lumia. Its price should be kept at Rs. 250$.
    Much more further could have been written, but only so much. It is wise to fix the budget of the mobile beforehand.

Advice about where to buy the mobile

Useless to say. But still, I realized the thing for your convenience. If you want to purchase a phone, the place I will tell you to go to is the showroom of that company. Because if you go there, you will get an immaculate phone. At that price, which is the original price of the set. There will be no need to give 20-30 $ profit to the shopkeeper.

Moreover, if you take the set from the show-room, you will be at ease. But that has to be done when the group has heated the store. That means it has just come to the market. After 2-3 weeks, it is seen that the set is not in the showroom. Then you have to go to the market and buy it. In this case, be slightly careful.


What to look for when buying a mobile

Nowadays, set Android. There are various versions of this Android again. Now develop smelly Bean 4.1.2, Jelly Bean 4.2.1, and 4.2.2. KitKat 4.4.1 and 4.4.2 are also accessible. So the shopkeeper calls you an immeasurable set, so make assured that no set under these versions catches you. To do this, go to mobile settings. Below all, you will find “About Phone.” If you go there, you will see the Android Version. That is the Android version of your mobile. Also, you can’t find out reasonable sets, whether it is Original or Clone. So take a look at the following information.

  1. * # * # 4636 # * # * If you push any menu called Usage Info, Battery Info, Wifi info, etc.
  2. * # 08 # Whether it shows the set IMEI character.
  3. If you push * # 19832840 #, it shows service mode.

Now you have completed buying your mobile. Now you will see that the screen paper that is there does not match on the phone. Quality is not immeasurable, either. Ask the store to place a matte paper. The cost of the mat paper will be 5$. You will get a matte paper according to the design of the mobile. Also, get HD Paper. It’s better than Matt. The price will be 10$. You can also put a back case. You will get back the case according to the model of your mobile. The price will be 5-8 $. If you do not receive a memory card with the phone, purchase a separate one. For Android phones, I will tell you to purchase 1 GB, 2 GB without buying 8 GB at once, 16 GB, or 32 GB at once. The price will be a few higher. But you don’t have to purchase a new memory card every day. The price will be 20-40$. So you have to consider what you want.

What to do after purchasing the mobile

After purchasing the phone and coming home, your first assignment will be to feed everyone sweets. Hey brother, you bought the phone, don’t eat sweets? It is true, even if it sounds funny. When I came home after purchasing the phone, I started serving 20 of my friends. But I love it. Yes, this time, your job will be to accredit the phone. It will take approximately 8-10 hours to charge. I know this time will be very challenging for you. However, it is necessary to charge your phone. So you go to the store in the morning to buy a phone. Charge it all day and open it at night. If you purchase Nato at night and charge it all night and adapt it on in the morning, you will not sleep all night. Do not switch on the phone or leave the charger open in the middle of charging. You don’t have to do anything if there is load-dropping.
Nevertheless, do not open. Available to turn on your phone after 8-10 hours. Will you need my permission or turn it on?

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Best Mobile Buying Guide online 2021

Keep that description of apps on the phone

Android phones will give you the right to do practically everything. But it is essential to have the following apps on your phone.

  1. Android Assistant (say your phone’s ID Card)
  2. Clean Master (to Clean, free memory)
  3. Andro Sensor (will show the sensors of your phone)
  4. Dictionary (I recommend it. Don’t take it?)
    . Flashlight (you require it. Do not dip your finger in the dark)
    . Any Share (You don’t have to tell it. But for those who don’t know, this is an app to transfer files from one Android to different lightning speed)
    . Opera Mini Browser (it will want to run internet on your phone. It consumes extremely little data)
  5. Net Speed Meter (it is required to show your internet speed)
  6. PowerAmp (Brother, don’t accept to music on the phone, what happens?)
  7. BS Player (Watching HD Video Song)
    There are more, but I don’t learn at the moment.

Android phone is a Smartphone. And if you efficiently run this smartphone, what is the discrepancy between running another phone and running it? Yes, you should not just an Android phone. Drive with a brand new activity. I can give you a fair opportunity for this. You can run various launcher on your phone. Which will make your phone resemble brand new every time. Below is an amazing launcher. ( Best Mobile Buying Guide online 2021 )

  1. Next Launcher
  2. TSF Shell Launcher
  3. QQ launcher
  4. EZ Launcher
  5. Espire launcher (it’s just like an I-phone)
  6. Windows 7 Launcher
  7. Windows 8 Launcher
  8. Smart Launcher
  9. Holo Launcher
    There are several types of launchers that you can run on your phone. You will also get a function on your phone HD Live Wallpaper. You will accompany live running pictures on your wallpaper.
    It has a GPS Navigation System. You are inside a Wi-Fi network, but you can see where you are by GPS. Or you go somewhere but don’t remember the address. See the address via GPS.
    There are more various Google services. You can register google. And download different apps from the Google Play Store. You can monitor E-mails regularly with G-mail. You can visit updated on Facebook. You can make Video Call every time with Skype. There are also many more you can do.

Battery’s thoughts :

  1. One of the most significant problems with Android phones is the battery. You will continue to take on new qualities of life. You will live in a fantasy world, but reality will pull you into existence. This fact is the battery—the deep battery when the phone rings. Put the charger on the back of the Mobile. Then it will not be happy to call. You have to be more separating with the help you render toward other people. All you have to do to hold the phone charged for a long time:
  2. You have to charge with a genuine charger.
  3. Do not run the phone continuously; sometimes run with a break. The charge will finish too late.
  4. Decrease the brightness of the phone.
  5. Run the internet with wi-fi instead of 3g or 4g. It will eat several charges.
  6. Switch off any program after using it. Charges will proceed to run as the program runs in the background.
    . Sometimes the phone will restart.
    . Switch off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS without need.
    . Do not work by connecting the charger to the ass.
  7. No work should be done on low batteries.
  8. Switch off the vibration.
    You can also apply a variety of Battery Saver Apps. In this case, I am suggesting Juice Defender. There is more Easy Battery Saver, Battery Doctor, Du battery saver, etc. ( Best Mobile Buying Guide online 2021 )


  1. Android phones are currently a popular device for gaming. You can instantly play the updated HD games. Which will make you consider different while playing the game. There are different games
  2. NFS Most Wanted
  3. Fifa 14
  4. Modern Combat 4
  5. NFS Shift
  6. PES 12. etc.
    You can play these significant games.

RAM cleaning

Even if you connect any app on Android phones, it is not closed. It stays in the phone background. It holds the RAM of the phone. So later, the phone was delayed down. So it is necessary to clean the RAM of the phone regularly. If you stop the apps on the above phones, including Jelly Bean, it is saved in history. A list of apps can be obtained by holding down the home button on the phone. Swipe it left or finished to clean it. Gingerbread or ice cream sandwich to clean the RAM by opening the Task Manager. There are also several apps with which the RAM can be cleaned. E.g.

Best Mobile Buying Guide online 2021
  1. Ram Cleaner Pro
  2. Ram Booster
  3. Memory Booster
  4. Ram Manager etc.


This is a fun and essential feature on Android phones. If you have a phone root, you can do various kinds of work on your phone. Such as remote can be practiced with computers, many unwanted apps can be frozen, RAM can be expanded, etc. The routing method of one phone is one of a kind. So you can see different posts on Tech Tunes in this regard. But be alert! If rooted, your phone will not have a warranty. The phone can hang repeat. Then there will be a lot of running repeatedly. So do what you do a few carefully. ( Best Mobile Buying Guide online 2021 )


I believe you don’t have to say anything new about this. You completely understand what the camera feature is. Presently all Android phones are giving immeasurable quality cameras. Which will fill the gap of digital camera that sets you apart? Currently, this is giving good camera quality up to 15-25 megapixels. Instantly you can phone have two cameras: one front camera, another rear camera. You will accept pictures with the rear camera. And you can execute video calls with the front camera.


OTG reaches for On The Go. This means running on Android phones with a USB system. Multiple Modems, Pendrives, etc. have USB Systems. You can purchase OTG cable in the market and put it on the phone and use USB Modem, Pendrive, etc. on the other side to apply the internet or pen drive. You can get an OTG for only 5$.

Last word:
The last point is your phone. You can handle it as you wish. I just gave you amazing tips on how to make your Android usage interesting. Stream an Android phone, make your life interesting.