At present, merely 6 percent of the total population in the country is using a PC (personal computer). According to a monthly survey written by Computer World, there is a nearby one crore of computer users in the country, including laptop and desktop PCs. However, in several cases, the identical person uses a desktop and laptop together. In this situation, even if one crore laptops and desktops are used, the number of users maybe a little smaller. Fifty-three percent of them use laptops. And the rest are using desktop PCs. There are two kinds of desktop PC. One is a brand PC, and the other is a clone PC. However, there are more extra users of clone PC than brand PC in the country.

What is Clone PC

Easily put, a clone PC is a computer that the user can configure as he wishes and requires. This indicates that the user can go to the computer store and choose the next-generation processor, the hard disk will be 500 GB or one terabyte, the motherboard will be of several brands, RAM 8 GB or 8 GB, graphics card and DVD writer or not, etc. The benefit of a clone PC is that the customer can set up the computer according to his budget and requirements.

In computer terms and conditions, a clone is a piece of hardware or software that can run in conjunction with one system to another. The term clone was first worked in the mid-1980s to describe IBM’s DOS or Windows-based operating system [OS]. It was identified as ‘IBM Clone’ or ‘IBM Compatible.’ Applying the term clone in computing is that PCs built by IBM in 1971 had related performance and command execution ways. Nowadays, the word PC means a personal computer, but a more advanced IBM clone PC. In extension to the same device, the same operating software can also be called a clone.

Consistency with Budget

The budget is an essential factor in buying a PC. Most of the buyers choose the configuration of the PC by setting the account. Next, look at the hardware. In that matter, most of the customers are inclined towards comparatively low-cost PCs. Since there are hardware differences in creating clone PCs, it is simple to make PCs by checking the market and finding the cheapest parts. That is why clone PCs are sold more further than brand PCs in the country’s market. Since the user can configure the hardware as per his decision, the customer can update the configuration of the clone PC at the next time according to his choice, demand, and budget. Cheap budget but require a desktop computer. It would help if you had a computer for home or office. You can go to the computer market on a reasonable budget and combine clone computers by choosing different parts.

Caution Before Buying

Purchasing a clone computer on an affordable budget can be a daunting task. In extension to the low budget, the components of the new computer may be unknowingly used or refurbished (repaired by the defective parts company). Caution is required in this case. Familiar and famous brands should be selected in the selection of parts. Not only that; Also, if it is a part of the brand, it is also essential which generation you are taking. A study found that ninth-generation components are now available for computer devices. And the most advanced 10 generation devices are coming to the laptop. In this example, when purchasing a clone PC, the risk of cheating is less if you select the most advanced generation parts. However, in this example, even if the budget is flat, you can pick the dual-core processor. If that is the case, then the generation should be eighth or ninth. This means that if the dual-core is an eighth or ninth production processor, there is no chance of cheating. If the budget is a little bigger, you can use the processor of Core i5 or 7. But the latest generation needs to be kept right. Companies of hardware such as RAM, processors, hard disks, graphics cards, etc., usually make the most advanced generation of components. In this case, if there is a past generation, the risk of being used or refurbished is more critical. Also, the possibility of obtaining a substandard Chinese and Korean component cannot be ruled out.
Another thing to understand is that brand new RAMs typically have a lifetime warranty, two years on the hard disk, and three years on the processor. In this case, vendors often provide a one-to-two-year warranty on old generation RAM, hard disk, and processor. As a result, in the event of new PCs, it is also required to keep an eye on whether the company is getting a warranty.

I want such a Budget

300 $ new clone PCs with monitors are also available in the computer market. If you give so little latest PC, there is a problem with understanding! The dealer may be giving you a new one with old parts. Computer vendors say that with the smallest budget of at least 500 $, a new generation processor with the monitor, RAM, hard disk, graphics card, motherboard, casing, DVD writer, etc. can be purchased. And if the budget is extended considering the needs and demands, better quality clone PCs can be purchased.

Various Parts of Different Brands

Processor: If you are thinking of buying a computer, you have to fix the processor first. Intel is a popular and conventional processor manufacturer. Their processors are the most seen in the market. Then there is AMD.

Motherboard: Before buying a motherboard, you must first notice which model of the motherboard the processor and the maximum number of gigabytes of RAM it supports. Select a motherboard that matches your processor and RAM. See how many ports there are for the hard disk on the motherboard. The more ports there are, the better. Also, note the number of USB ports. Try to choose the motherboard of any one of the latest models on the market.

RAM: The more RAM, the faster the computer. RAM is available in the market ranging from 2 GB to 6, 16, and even 32 GB. Select a RAM of any capacity according to your type of work. Remember, the higher the bus frequency of RAM, the faster the performance of RAM.

Hard Disk Drive: Storage is usually of two types. SSD and hard disk. Currently, 160 GB to 3 terabytes of storage is also available in the market.

Graphics card: If you want to do photo-video editing or gaming, you need to take a separate dedicated graphics card. In this case, choose a graphics card compatible with your motherboard and processor. Gigabytes are quite popular in the country. There are also graphics cards from brands like Sapphire, XFX, Foxconn, Jotac, etc.

Casing: There are several gaming casings available in the market today which are very eye-catching and have different colored lighting. Choose the one you like.

Monitors: LED and LCD monitors of different brands and sizes including Samsung, LG, Asus are available in the market. You can choose the choice according to the budget and needs. The more you increase the budget from five and a half thousand, the better you will be able to buy quality and size monitors.