Many of us are familiar with the word web development. Our dream is to be a good quality web developer. But many of us do not know how to start, where to learn what to learn next. Due to which we are not able to build our dream career properly. This tune is for you to get the right guideline and where to learn from. Read the whole Complete Web Development Guide For Beginners with difficulty and patience.

If you search on YouTube, you will find many guidelines for becoming a web developer. Something is right, and something is not right, so you don’t know which one to follow. Today I will share with you my experience of two years. I will discuss all the issues of what you will learn after and where you will learn from. So let’s start without further ado.

HTML and CSS :

When it comes to web development, the first thing that comes to mind is HTML and CSS. You have to be more specified with the help you execute toward other people. In fact, the simplest thing about web development is HTML and CSS. You can learn these by watching any video by searching on YouTube. I will tell you to learn from the channels. Because even though HTML CSS is easy, these will be the first coding of your life. So it will be a little difficult to understand at first who needs to learn a good channel. So that you can easily understand, and it is good to learn. Otherwise, it will be seen that the interest that came to learn web development or design will no longer exist. The name of the YouTube channel is Click here to get the course playlist. Only HTML is taught here. If you can’t buy it if you want a premium course, you can follow the next playlists. HTML playlist and CSS playlist. You must finish the previous playlist before watching these. Or you can visit a very popular website W3 School.


Bootstrap is a framework of CSS. Through which any kind of big web site can be easily created. And using Bootstrap, you can make your website responsive. It is essential for you as a designer to know this. Bootstrap will take your designing skills to another level. Since learning Bootstrap is important, a good learning channel is also important. If you follow the playlist below, I hope you don’t have to worry about Bootstrap anymore. Here is Bootstrap’s playlist.


The programming language that comes to mind when it comes to web development is JavaScript. JavaScript is currently the number one programming language in the world. A few years ago, people understood that JavaScript meant working on jQuery. But now JavaScript has gone to another level. There’s nothing you can’t do with JavaScript. With JavaScript, you can do everything from web site design to development. You can create mobile applications; you can create desktop applications that you can use on any platform, which cannot be created with any other language. So if you want to be a professional developer, you have to learn JavaScript. But now the question is, where do you learn JavaScript? I’ll tell you later, and you have to have an idea about another thing, what is programming?

Many of you who have struggled with computers will have heard that computers do not understand anything except 0 and 1. But we can’t explain the computer with 0 and 1. So the programming language has been created to explain the computer in our language. So that we can easily code and explain to the computer. But if you search JavaScript on YouTube now, no one will tell you how programming works. I Will start working with a JavaScript file. I’ve been programming for two years, I’ve worked with JavaScript, I’ve worked with PHP, but I don’t know how programming works. Or that the computer did not understand anything except 0 and 1. How do I get it because no one talks about it? You can visit here to get the Javascript program.

Let’s learn where to learn JavaScript. One of the best channels I have seen is “Programming with Mosh”. If you read their framework, you will know why I said the best, and if you do the courses, you will not watch any other channel video without them. The JavaScript course on their channel was premium, but some time ago, they made it free so that the people of the country could learn. There are a few more playlists that I will discuss later—javaScript playlist. You can claim to be a professional JavaScript programmer when you finish this playlist. So finish the playlist carefully.


I didn’t want to put the jquery on this list, but since I talked about JavaScript, I had to keep it. JQuery is a small library of JavaScript. Which only works with the frontend. This library was prevalent a few years ago, but it is not very popular now. Before, people understood JavaScript to mean Jquery. Now, if you don’t want to waste time learning jacquard this time, then you don’t have to learn. And if you don’t want to learn, you can watch the playlist below. Jquery playlist.


If you want to be a good designer or claim to be a good designer, then you have to learn PSD to HTML. PSD to HTML means converting a web site created with Photoshop to a web site with HTML code. You do not have to learn any new programming language for this. You can use what you have learned. If you go to the playlist of this channel, you will see many PSD to HTML playlists. From there you can start with the last one. Then slowly finish it all.


Node JS is a runtime of JavaScript. With the help of which you can do the work of the backend of the website using JavaScript. JavaScript has improved so much since the advent of Node JS. So if you want to be a backend developer, then you must learn Node JS. Since it is related to JavaScript, we will move on to the “Programming with Mosh” channel. It was also a premium course now free. After completing this course or playlist, you will have no more problems with Node JS. You can easily develop any site.

React JS:

React is a JavaScript library or framework. Through which you can create any single page application. Single page application means that the web sites do not take any refresh. Facebook has been created with React. React was created by the Facebook company. Then there is no need to learn to react. But where to learn? Since it is related to JavaScript as before, I will go back to the “Programming with Mosh” channel, which was a premium course now free. React playlist.

If I have learned React, then let’s learn the advanced works of React now. There is another playlist for him on Stack Learner’s channel. Which is premium as always but now free. Playlist.

I have learned a lot from React. But I have not learned how to do a big project with React, so I need to learn it now. Talking about where to learn? Many of you may be thinking of Stack Learner now, but I’m sorry because there is no such playlist in their channel. So, where do you learn? There is nothing to be sad about because you have learned a lot from React, and you have also learned to do small projects. So what will happen if there is an English channel now? Only then will they see how the project is and practice it. If you learn to react, you can easily learn reactive native later. Through which applications can be created for iPhone and Android.

React is a front-end library. So we have learned the work of the frontend, but we have not learned how to develop reactive applications with the backend. So let’s learn why we need to be late now. For that, it will be done only after you finish all the videos of MERN’s title in this playlist.

Last words:

By learning these, you can claim to be a professional developer. Now many of you may have a question in my mind why I did not talk about PHP. This is because now everyone is developing web sites using JavaScript, so why waste time learning PHP. So learn these well, and no one will be able to hold you back. I hope the tune will be useful to many of you.


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