The FIFA World Cup is beginning a few days later. Various people are probably proposing to buy good tv to watch the game at home. But which tv is more beneficial? There are excellent tips to help you buy a tv. Many TVs are now available in the market under the name of Plasma, LCD, LED, HD tv, or Smart tv. But technology analysts say there are a few things to study before buying an original tv. The Times of India newly published a report on the required information before purchasing a tv. These tips can come in helpful before purchasing a tv. ( Led Tv Buying Guide )

What size television to buy?

The first point to keep in mind when buying a television is to think about where to watch television at home. The size of the television should be selected according to the distance of the place between the television and the viewer. If the space to watch television is eight feet, then the size of the television should be at least 32 inches and a height of 65 inches. However, it is said that the larger the television, the more convenient it is to watch. According to this method, you can buy any size in the budget. However, when it comes to purchasing a television, the combination of simplicity and affordability is also important than formula.

LCD, plasma, or LED?

LCD costs are relatively low among the three technology televisions in the market, LCD, Plasma, and LED. If you have affordable funds, these bright and very light and thin televisions can be fit for you. LCD televisions are said to be power efficient. However, compared to plasma and LED televisions, the quality of pictures on LCDs may seem low or less realistic. Meanwhile, plasma TVs have more precise and sharper images than LCDs. Plasma TVs are considered by users to be the most reliable way to enjoy fast sports. However, plasma televisions spend more power. The most significant feature of LED TV is that it consumes the least quantity of electricity. The contrast ratio is more beneficial in light-emitting diodes or LED TVs, but the price of LED TVs is comparatively high. However, currently recognizing LEDs, LCDs, and plasma TVs can be challenging. Now TV manufacturers are also selling TVs under the names ‘LED Plus’ and ‘Super-LED.’ One thing to keep in memory, however, is that if you don’t have a good brand TV priced at 2500 $ or more, you are less likely to make a full-array LED or a TV with a real LED screen. It is challenging to tell the difference between LED, LCD, or Plasma in less expensive TVs. It is possible to get an upgraded black layer on the plasma TV, but if, for some reason, this TV has a problem, it will be challenging to repair. So it is more beneficial to go for LCD or LED. ( Led Tv Buying Guide )


Top LED of choice :

LED TVs are now taking the place of old CRT TVs. With the most advanced technology, Television covers a smaller space and is also energy efficient. The contrast ratio in LED TVs is said to be comparatively more comfortable for the eyes. The feature of the panel is essential for LEDs. There are two types of panels obtainable in the market. IPS panel and VA panel. The IPS panel has a high viewing angle. As a result, the picture is not blurred so that the fast video can be viewed clearly. ( Led Tv Buying Guide )

HD or full HD?

It is hard to distinguish between high definition (HD) TVs and full-HD TVs in TVs smaller than 48 inches. But viewing a Blu-ray movie from less than eight feet away reveals this diversity. If you watch TV from a range of fewer than eight feet, you can go to Full HD. However, if you watch television from a distance, then HD TV is more satisfying.

Resolution and other:

It is also essential to look at the resolution before purchasing a television. HD, Full-HD, and UHD LED TVs are now ready in the market. HD television can be bought if you watch television from a distance. If you watch TV from a distance of fewer than eight feet, you can go to full-HD.
Before purchasing a television, it is essential to verify whether it has a USB port and HDMI port and whether it supports a portable hard disk or any digital setup. It would help if you bought a television that supports various video formats, including AVI, MKV, MP4.

What will smart television look like?

If the budget is comparatively high, you can think of purchasing a smart television. Smart televisions have the opportunity to use a variety of Internet-based applications. Social networking sites similar to Skype, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. can be used. Smart television has the facility to browse Wi-Fi or the Internet. Before purchasing a smart television, you have to look at the profits of ‘Wi-Fi Built-in’ or ‘Wi-Fi Ready.’ If you only have a Wi-Fi ready smart television, you will need to buy a separate dongle to use the internet later. Before buying a smart television, you need to see if it has a USB port. Having a USB port does not necessarily support an external hard drive or pen. Before buying a smart television, it must be verified whether it supports a portable hard disk or any digital format. Check if the smart television has three HDMI ports. He should not buy a television without at least two HDMI ports. If it is within your funds, you must purchase a smart television with a built-in Wi-Fi facility. ( Led Tv Buying Guide )

Will the movie run?

Holding a USB port on the television you will buy does not mean that all kinds of movies will play in it. Various models may support different formats. Make sure your television supports AVI, KVM, MP4, or other files. Ask the seller first, and if reasonable, keep a pen drive with a movie in a various file format so you can play it on the television and check it out. If you plan to practice a portable hard drive with your television, check that the television supports it before purchasing a television. It is more useful to think about your benefits and do a little study before buying a long-term device.

Viewing angle right?

One thing that is essential when watching television is the viewing angle or the advantages and problems of watching television from different angles. According to various television users, watching television from the side often makes it look blurry, or the pictures and colors change a bit. This is because of the viewing point. Because of the viewing angle is low, the color of the image will vary due to viewing from the side. And if the viewing angle is more powerful, no matter how you look from the side, the color of the picture will not transfer. So before finalizing the arrangement to buy a television set, check its viewing angle. On some televisions, it can be seen simply by sitting face to face and seen from the side, the color changes. This change essentially depends on the twisted nematic, vertical alignment, and in-plane switching (IPS) panels. The IPS protection can show the best viewing angle, and the crooked nematic screen shows the worst viewing angle. Specialists suggest that if you want to buy a television for the bedroom, it is better to buy an IPS screen television. ( Led Tv Buying Guide )

The following items require to be used care of:

  1. Panel Condition: There are now two main kinds of panels available in the store, LED-backlit LCD and LED (many say OLED). The old panel is very valuable; naturally, its condition is excellent. Its contrast is much more expensive and much nicer to look at due to the deep black color. LED Backlit LCD In short, LED panels are of many quality. The warranty for all types of panels and the country in which they are made should be checked.
  2. Backlight: This point is essential for LED panels. It is necessary to see whether the backlight of the panel is balanced, whether it is more bluish, whether extra light is getting out from the edge of the panel (bleeding).
  3. Color or picture property: It should look immeasurable. Don’t you like to see designs? Assume that the picture mode is not set or the television company does not know how to bring genuine pictures.
  4. Power consumption: If the energy consumption is too high, it is more satisfying not to take that. This specification is generally given on the website of that television.
  5. Sound: This is another major thing. If the sound is not enough, the pleasure of watching television is half gone. So before you purchase a TV, you must play it to see if the sound is comfortable and enjoyable. Although a great sound system needs a separate sound system, the device’s speakers are not enough.


Wrong size :

At most invisible in the case of this device, size is very essential. You will gain all the screen TVs in the market from little to big. But the size of your room and how far away you sit will depend on what size television you purchase. If you sit at a distance of five feet and view a 60-inch screen, the matter will not be happy. Again, even a small can not be viewed from a distance. The common rule is to measure your seating distance in inches from where the TV will be. Then divide it by 1.5. The size of the TV will come out. Again, if you buy a technology TV for Four, it is enough to buy a little bigger. This will make the image quality agreeable.

Do not use ports

Not all televisions have the same kind of port. What sort of port-equipped television you purchase will depend on you. Learning advance what you will connect to this device. But make sure that has the right HDMI ports.

What kind of sound can be heard on TV?

One also important thing to contemplate before buying a television is the sound condition of the device. The biggest weakness of light-thin televisions is that their sound quality is not almost good. So before purchasing a this, you should keep this in memory.

Unnecessary features

Advanced smart televisions have a lot of features. Several features do not match for free. Many people want to get all the features out of interest. He additionally spends money on this. But they are never accepted. So naturally, money should be poured behind the feature.

Passive or active 3D?

TV maker LG sells passive 3D TVs. Passive 3D TV is a surprisingly useful tool for those who watch casual TV. This device needs 3D glasses individually. Content that is produced as passive 3D is more agreeable on this device. Several brands, including Samsung and Sony, make Active 3D TVs. These TV sets are proper for those who watch movies from 3D Blu-ray discs. For this TV, you have to modify the 3D technology and the habit of viewing TV on glasses and TV. ( Led Tv Buying Guide )

With warranty or without warranty?

The warranty requirement is confirmed before buying this. Check if you are purchasing a TV from any store or showroom, and the manufacturer’s fixed price and warranty are different.

Don’t think about the future :

The technology that is accessible at the moment will not be in demand in the future. So it is required to choose the device considering the future. You don’t have to be a researcher for this. Just do a little research. For example, if we calculate now, it is appreciated that in the future, Four will occupy the technology business. So if you can purchase it, it will not be a problem to sell it after several years.
Deep faith in advertising. ( Led Tv Buying Guide )


In method to sell the product, the companies will give all kinds of advertisements, and this is common. The language of these advertisements tempts the buyer to buy the goods. Experts say they don’t blindly accept what is said in the advertisement. If you want to buy it, you have to decide only after checking and choosing.