Most of us who work online have heard the name SEO. The complete name of SEO is search engine optimization. Now we are discussing top SEO tips and tricks. We have many search engines in this digital world like Google, YahooBing, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, Ask, WolframAlpha, Dogpile, Ecosia, Exalead, Mojeek, Yandex, etc. Google and Yahoo are the most popular.

We must first know what a search engine does?

Usually, when a person wants to submit a question made in his mind online and which search engine company searches us, this is the primary job of search engine space. Suppose you need a new updated version of the mobile. Then you have to choose two options. Either you have to go to the mobile company and ask, or you have to do the job with the help of online. But we must remember that time is minimal. In this limited-time, no one will ever go to a mobile company and ask anything about this mobile because it will take a lot of time to do this work. So that person is forced to choose the second option. And to do that, he has to take online services. And online service means entering any search engine. When that person goes to the search engine and searches for that mobile, then the search engine can give all the information to that mobile in a short time. This is the great magic of search engines. When you search a search engine by providing your needs or keywords, that search engine provides a huge list. And this is the result of search engine optimization. Many websites will come under your given keyword because these websites are included in search engine optimization. { Top SEO tips and tricks}

In a word, search engine optimization is the result of searching for something ahead of the search point.

Usually, when you create a website, it does not fall under search engine optimization. This is to bring it under search engine optimization. This means that when a website is created, search engine optimization is built based on its

. Suppose that when a keyword is searched on Google, Google does not consider the content that falls under that keyword. And accordingly, when someone searches in the search bar, those related contents move to the Google search page.

Another way to do search engine optimization is to create backlinks. With backlinks, you can bring your keywords under the search engine. By building strong backlinks, you can quickly get your keywords to Google search points. This means that the more backlinks your website generates, the faster it will be indexed by Google. And soon, that keyword will be counted in the search point.

How many types of search engine optimization, and what are they?

Search engine optimization can be divided into several parts. In other words, search engine optimization is a combination of several ways. There are usually three types of SEO according to the method of work.

Those are:
  • White hat.
  • Black Hat.
  • Gray Hat.

White hat:

White hat Search engine optimization is a method of doing SEO according to the right rules without spam. In other words, doing SEO according to specific rules, is called White Hat. The best Search engine optimization tips and tricks almost depend on your white hat Backlinks creating. { Top SEO tips and tricks}

White hat SEO can be divided into two parts based on work:

  1. On-page.
  2. Off-page.

On-page :

On-page is the work that is done internally to rank a website in various search engines. In other words, the on-page is a structured guide within a website. Suppose you have two websites. And you want to do on-page of your web sites. Now you have written a unique article on one of your websites, and you have entered the link of another website on this website. Then the website of the second party has come under on-page. This is precisely how you can on-page your websites by creating backlinks to other websites. This means that if the link of your site to other websites is inserted into their website link, then you will be included in the on-page Search engine optimization. { Top SEO tips and tricks }

Onpage SEO can be divided into two parts:

  1. Technical.
  2. Page optimization.

Here are the things you need to do to do on-page SEO:

1. Domain address input.
2. Setup your Title, Keyword, Description.
3. Google index must be recorded.
4. HTML tag setup H1, H2, H3
5. Keyword research.
6. Website Analysis.
7. Title Key Word Setup
8. Content optimization.


Off-page is how URLs are shared, and link building is quickly promoted on various websites to increase publicity and popularity. This means that when you link the URL of your website to another website in the comment box, it is called off-page. For example, if you promote your website on social media, it will fall under the off-page.  { Top SEO tips and tricks }

There are usually many ways to do off-page :

1. Blog post
2. Comment post.
3. Web 2.0
4. Article submission
5. Forum posting
6. Social bookmarking
7. PDF submission
8.Video post submission.
9. Review submission
10. Image submission
11. Directory submission
12. Guest post
13. Content Publish
14. Email marketing
15. Manual backlinks.
16. Promote social media.

Black Hat SEO:

The process by which a website is indexed by hacking a search engine is called Black Hat. In other words, it is called black hat SEO by canceling the structural process of search engines and indexing it illegally. In other words, in this process, the page is ranked by fooling the search engines. This is not good for our best Search engine optimization tips and tricks learning.

Black hat SEO can be done through some methods below:

1. Creating duplicate content.
2. Creating auto backlinks through software.
3. Purchasing backlink paid service.

Gray Hat :

The process of combining Black Hat and White Hat is commonly called Gray Hat SEO. When Search engine optimization is done through both, it is called Gray Hat.

SEO can be divided into two parts based on traffic or visitors. E.g. :

1. Organic.
2. Non-organic.

Organic SEO :

The process of bringing traffic or visitors to a website in a legal way is usually called organic Search engine optimization. This means that the process of bringing visitors to your website using legitimate methods is called organic SEO. This means that both on-page and off-page are organic SEO. 100% you can get fair traffic use to The best SEO tips and tricks.

Non-organic SEO :

Non-organic Search engine optimization is used to bring visitors or traffic illegally using artificial intelligence. That is to say, bringing in visitors from outside using illegal methods is called non-organic SEO. This is a terrible approach to a website.

Why you need SEO for your website?

Search engine optimization is an essential element for a website. A website cannot rank in the search list without doing Search engine optimization. The word SEO means promotion. You can make a lot of money if you learn how to do search engine optimization. There is a lot of demand for search engine optimization because every website needs search engine optimization. Whether it’s your website or a client’s website, you can make income on both. There are several SEO related videos online or on YouTube so that you can learn SEO for free. Or you can find the right information about SEO on our YouTube channel. Any business organization is changing its marketing concept over time. In the age of the internet, all the companies are always looking for new marketing methods. And so companies are moving towards the continuation of their advertising towards internet marketing. So those companies have to do SEO to survive with reality. { Best SEO tips 2020 }

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I hope you understand what search engine optimization is and what it does. If you have a single one questions, you can ask us.  If you need any help, please let us know in the comment box or contact us. We will attempt to solve your problem as soon as possible. You can create backlinks through us if you want. We provide SEO services, so you can contact us if you need it. Our best SEO tips and tricks can increase your unique visitor.